CELLULOID DEBRIS – signed/unsigned


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The long-awaited third guitar instrumental album!

The first in 25 years and featuring some of L.A.’s finest.

11 tracks:

• Alpha Male

• Westwood

• Fleshwound

• 4+20

• Sailor

• Prisoners

• The Eruption Of John Minimum Pt.1

• The Eruption Of John Minimum Pt.2

• Arclight

• The Long Awakening

• Our Winter Love







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2 reviews for CELLULOID DEBRIS – signed/unsigned

  1. Patrick Kolan

    Hi Marc, I started listening to your music when I was 7 or 8. My dad and I would rock out to EE Ticket and American Matador all the time – and your CDs were treasured items in our house. 25 years later, they’re still absolute gems. Congratulations on your new release and I hope you keep cranking out the jams for many years to come.

    • admin

      Great to know you are long-time listeners! It took 25 years for this new one because of all the other musical excursions I had embarked upon (and still do) so it is a deeply personal album for me as it encapsulates the last 25 years of my life in musical terms. Glad you are along for the ride!

  2. Jarek Burban, Poland (Central Europe). (verified owner)

    Multidimensional music – original melodies, nostalgic atmosphere, varied sounds, great arrangements … This album should be nominated for a Grammy Award. My favorite compositions from this album are: “Alpha Male”, “Prisoners”, “The Long Awakening”, “Westwood”, “Our Winter Love”. Timeless music. Marc Bonilla’s masterful playing and numerous sound details in the background – music for connoisseurs.

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