For everyone who is purchasing the new guitar instructional book BALANCE OF POWER – If you have any questions that arise from reading the chapters and putting them into practice, please don’t hesitate to post them so that I may be able to address them one by one in order to illuminate them and allow you to move forward with your progress.  I’ve taken considerable time in laying out the principles and keeping things as clear as possible, but with all printed language, sometimes you may need a little extra explanation or examples in order to sniper any cloudiness or misunderstanding.  So fire away!


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  • I paid for this book last week looking forward to the insight –
    not sure how to get to the actual download

    • Hi Greg,

      It should have been sent to you automatically via email link upon purchase.
      We will send you a link immediately. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

      The Crew

  • Is it possible to buy a PRINTED copy of this book?

    • Because the book is a full color print on a majority of the pages (because of the graphs and vocabulary terms
      and their easy recognition) the printing costs would triple and that cost would be passed onto the consumer,
      which we weren’t excited about. Our suggestion would be to take the PDF to a FedEx/Kinkos and have them print
      out a full color version and then bind it with a spiral spine (binding is about $6-$7) and then you will have
      a hard copy as it was designed also to be printed out in this fashion. The Crew

  • Have you actually been able to get a FedEx or Kinko to print it out? I ask because my friend tried to have them print out a cd of pdf files (articles from a defunct guitar magazine) and FedEx wouldn’t print them because of “copyright legalities”. I ended up printing them on my home printer, using up more than a $100 of ink. So if you’ve done it, is it a matter of showing FexEx a receipt, or having them on my home computer instead of a cd, or what?

    • Kinkos did a print out of the book on more than one occasion and never brought up copyright infringement. Although, one person did mention that they refused so we sent him the PDF file with the copyright line on the last page deleted and they printed it.
      The printing cost is around $30. The other thing you can do is open it up in a PDF program and if it allows you to (like in PDF Element 6 Pro) you can delete the last page yourself and re-save it before taking it to be printed. If you like however, we can send you a “copyright-less” PDF to print out.

  • That sounds like a great solution! I’m going to buy your PDF right now, and if you can send me the “copyright -less” version, I should be able to get it printed without any problems.
    Thank you so much!

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